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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Part Three

New Year's Eve.
Just returned from a long jog that took me an hour and a half. Did some chin ups and slowly trudged back home. The cool sea breeze after the passing shower chilled the skin and made the journey home a lot more enjoyable than usual. It's in the mind to want to stand and stare. But the run left me with a blister on my toe. Doh.

Like any other year, the year passed by faster than it could begin. I've done some good things; there're things I could fare better. All in all, I hope to be a better person the next year. I hope to have more patience with the people around me. As realistic a person I am, I have to have the patience to understand that everyone needs their own pace to grow, and whatever I apply is only based on my limited judgement.

It's been a year since this appeared on my bio:
Water that is cloudy can only turn clear when it is left quiet.
The dirt will settle to the bottom of its own accord. Any attempt to force this to happen must fail --

and I've learned nothing from it. I'm weak. I'm preaching more than what I'm practising.
I've got to leave the water alone.
Somehow I'm pretty sure that the new year will only get better.

(I'm getting the nike player!)

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Giving in to temptation I see! I meant the Nike player of coz. Heh! :)

Happy New Year, Mr Contemplative Dude!

I got to checkout zdnet to see if its available too

Happy New Year bro!

Nike mp3 player very nice meh? Everybody all wanna buy? *tease* Heheh :)

Shall wait for Buzzcut's verdict. Hotshotss and myself are interested... hmmm..

You posted in my journal almost a year ago, never knew that you checked in there. so I am checking in your site now.... interesting site, you're one of those misunderstood writer with many interesting things in your life to share. it will be fun visiting your site over and over.

I like the water wisdom thing too...

anyways... you might be able to get that player from T3 (tomorrow's technology today) magazine. take care.

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