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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Part Two

I've not been windsurfing for nearly a month now. I miss my sail and my surfboard. A trip out to the ocean can be greatly theraputic.

It's 2 more days before a new year dawns upon us.
A resolution that ranks high on my priority list is to spend more time with my brother Brenden. Just thursday last week, I decided to pour through his secondary two syllabus with him before the term starts. Just at that point in time, the Unbeatables III was showing in the box. It was supposed to be the episode where "Yan Fei" commits sucide (or whatever). I expected Brenden to have his eyes glued to the box, but he didn't. (surprise!)

Nevertheless, we went over the several revision books that I got him for Christmas. Of course I got him a nice wallet; the assessment books were meant as a study-bonus. I did not want to pressure him with undue stress; I wanted him to try as much as he wanted to, and be there to offer solutions to any problems that he might encounter along the way. Ultimately I hope to foster a strong bonding between the two of us. In a way, his future lies in our hands.

Meeting Bren later to gym together, and subsequently buy him his school shoes.
It's going to be a bright sunny day.

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and so the yearning for the sea remains
look west, and take heart...

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