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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Part One

I'm the protagonist from Rear Window
I'm transcending the six degrees of separation. From a friend's LJ, I'm skipping to his friend, then his friend's friend, and so on and so forth. A peep into a stranger's life can be fascinating and deeply rewarding. Especially when the environment that I've accustomed to naturally becomes the World to me; everywhere there're traffic jams and people talk in "lahs" and "lohs".

On the contrary, people are celebrating Christmas in snowy winterlands. The diversity of lifestyles and perspectives only serves to enrich the parochial me.

Got hold of this from Burbur's livejournal:

[26 Dec 2002|04:58pm]
[ music | J.Lo - Jenny From The Block ]

don't be fooled by the ring that I've got
i'm still i'm still Frodo from the Shire
i used to know little but now i've seen alot
no matter where i go i find myself in a mire

-B. Frodo - Froddy from the Block

oh well oh well......

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i'm now slightly embarassed.

they have one of the best groove senses around, heh

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