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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Rainy night.
It's been raining almost everyday. December's monsoon is approaching. In this equatorial climate where the three hundred and sixty five days cycles without variation, the monsoon rains would probably be the best replacement for seasons; to show the passage of time.

When I was in Japan, the passage of time could be easily reflected by the passing of the seasons. The cherry blossoms of the Spring would herald the subsequent months of growth: flowers would be blooming and the cool climate is probably the best of the four seasons. Then the sweltering hot spells of summer would see crowds congregating at the beaches and overtanned youths. Soon, the leaves on the trees would turn yellow and orangey; the weather cool once again. Then the flakes start to drop; your skin cracks and itches, and it's Christmas once again.

Yups, Christmas soon. Took a drive past Orchard Road last week to catch a preview of the lights in town. With the current economic downturn, it's going to be a relatively bleaker Christmas for most of us. Caught up in the mere act of survival, the festive season is probably more of a want than a need. Nevertheless, yuletide provide a good respite from the ratrace that shapes us all.

The windsurfing session took place as usual. The winds were light and I personally preferred stronger winds. Broke yet another mastfoot. (too old lah, not my fault!) The entire windsurf group then had our makan at the cheep cheep Steamboat cum chicken rice place at Golden Mile Tower. Less than $10 per person!

Sunday was another gruelling session of gym followed by squash. Good workout. Had buffet lunch/hi tea at Asia Hotel (or something like that) then a five-hour sleep till 8pm. I reckoned I've pushed my physical self again to sleep for such a long session. Hmm.... I seem to be writing a diary this time, not journaling. Oh well, *poof*

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It's in bleaker times like these that Singaporeans will appreciate the simpler and more important things in life like family and friends, and just be really thankful to have a roof over their heads and food on the table. Ironically, a more sombre Christmas stripped of all the glitzy commercialisation is perhaps the best reminder of what the spirit of Christmas should really stand for ... love, peace and hope.

agree agree.
Good time for reflection.
But then, any time is a good time for reflection.

there's always hope
its just a matter of looking around'

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