The Pitcher Plant

I have been staying in my current apartment for about twenty months already. At the thirty-sixth level, it enjoys great ventilation from the constant breeze from the south. There's also plenty of sunshine; the living room balcony faces the west, while my bedroom faces the South.

At such a high floor, I would expect no insects to be lurking around. Unfortunately, there's a minor insect issue in my bathroom. Due to the accumulation of water from the shower area into the drain pipe, I do see tiny drain flies for whatever they are called) flying out from the drain cover every morning when I am having my warm shower. 

Initially, I left them alone, thinking that they were harmless. They proved to be harmless as expected. Life went on. Then one evening, I looked up at the corner of my bathroom ceiling and found a family of more than 10 drain flies staking their sovereignty in the tiny universe of my bathroom. I was perturbed. I pried open the drain cover and sprayed as much insecticide as it was possible, then covered the floor trap to prevent any insects from escaping. I believed there were many casualties from my actions. The drain fly population decreased for a short while. A week passed, and then they were back. This time round, they occupied three corners of the ceiling, as if they were trying to mock me.

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A Complete Quantum of the Seas Experience

Since the last Royal Caribbean Cruise trip ended abruptly with a COVID scare, I was determined to use the cruise credits for another trip before the Quantum of the Seas sails away (I heard the next ship is a smaller vessel). 

As we were already familiar with the cruise ship, we cleared the immigration checkpoints fairly swiftly and after dropping off our stuff in the cabins, we went up to the open-air deck. M and I got ourselves the beverage plan (what's a trip without beverages?!) and I immediately got myself my first tipple. 

In fact, over the course of the next three nights, I would have consumed the following (in the right sequence):

Aperol spritz

Pimps Cup

Ultimate Mai Tai 


Cabernet Sauvignon



Bionic Tea (yucky drink)




Cuba Libre

Mango Daiquiri

Campari Orange

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon




Frozen Margarita


Watermelon Rum







So all in all I had a total of 28 drinks (!) over the course of a few days. I was eager to try a variety of drinks, but I didn't really enjoy the sweeter ones. Ultimately I was happy with the prosecco, and I could do with just a good Negroni. The worst drink was the Bionic Tea, which was a bad mix of Blue Curacao and Tequila and some sugar syrup. 

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What's with the blogging or journaling again?

Actually, this journaling initiative was related to my social media detox. Since eons ago, I have stopped posting on Facebook (never really liked the format). While I have been posting regularly on Instagram, I did not like the idea of "likes" and "follows". The mechanism of posting for likes and follows tend to steer me away from a few things: 

Authenticity — Sometimes, I just want to post about my cats. Or my workout. Or a nice sunset. But I do get influenced by the likes that each post gather, or the number of follows that I get over time. And then I end up not posting what I might have wanted to post. 

Depth — I do lament about the good ol' days of journaling on Livejournal. Those days, we spent more time using words to express our thoughts and feelings. Somewhat, this gave a bit more depth to who we were and what we felt, as opposed to the fleeting, transient nature of stories or even Tiktok videos. Sure, watching some dance moves can be entertaining, but nothing beats reading a heartfelt post penned by another fellow (virtual) friend. 

Personality — The world of Instagram, etc. is visual. The best-looking person gets the most likes and follows. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does not facilitate connection on a deeper level. How much can we really know someone from a photo? 

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Switching to Samsung S21 Ultra

So today, I managed to be the first in line to get the brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra. I have been using my Huawei P30 Pro for almost 2 years already. I reckoned that I could get this brand new device slightly earlier, and then come 30th April, I'll try to switch from the rather expensive Singtel plan and then switch over to either the Circles life plan or the TPG 8OGB plan.

The Circles Life plan is usually $18 for a 50GB plan, but it has limited outgoing call minutes. The TPG plan gives 80GB for only $18 and it is also rather Generous with free incoming and 300 outgoing minutes.

I don't really use much bandwidth, but I would not turn down more free bandwidth for that matter.

Here is a photo taken using the night mode. I think the Huawei P30 Pro camera is better, but let me take a few days to learn all the tricks to use these cameras of the 21 Ultra better. 

The text recognition of any handwriting is near flawless, btw!


Last Sunday of April

Sunday is the usual. I woke up earlier than usual today (body clock?)... after perusing the news channels on Flipboard, I decided to get myself up to feed the cats, then I got changed to head to Penhas. For once, I was earlier than A and waited downstairs for him.
Today marks the last weekend for April. Weekends are always important as we get a large bulk of customers over the weekends. If there are new customers, we will need to take time explain the processes and procedures to them. Also, there are also other areas to focus on, such as planning for the marketing activities for the month of May. May, being Mother's Day, would be our key focus area.

Work ended at 6pm, and we headed over to Ritz Carlton's The Colony for a sumptuous buffet dinner - also to celebrate Marcus' Birthday. In my opinion, The Colony has one of the best buffets in Singapore, so I was happy with the decision, and I skipped lunch for it!

All in all, it was a great dinner outing. We had great food, great company, and ended up spending almost four hours at the restaurant!


Wellaholic's Super Hair Removal Video

Big thanks to Alastaire for the filming, Louis for the coordination, and Joyce and Patricia for being willing models, we have our SHR video. As Wellaholic is still a young start-up, it means that we have to manage costs, and as a result of that, we have to resort to self-help. In spite of this, I would say that the output is a fantastic one. Kudo to the brilliant team for making this happen! =)

And the description that goes with the video? Let me paste it below:

★★★★★ " I have decided to replace my hair removal laser, which is very effective but painful, with the painless Super Hair Removal (SHR)."

Suitable for the face and body, SHR removes unwanted hair permanently and painlessly giving you the confidence to flaunt your body. Smooth fuzz-free skin, without the need to shave and wax, is now within everybody’s reach.

SHR is not quite an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and it is definitely not a laser. It is built upon the technological breakthrough where broad-spectrum light is used to warm up and destroy the hair follicles. Because it is not an IPL treatment, it can be used on darker skin. Because it is not a laser, the treatment is not painful.

Book your SHR at Wellaholic, located just 5 minutes by foot from Lavender MRT station.

Make a booking at
Find out about Wellaholic's SHR at

Cat sitting at Eng Watt

This is my second time doing cat-sitting for Ulrike, a Tiong Bahru neighbour living just a few blocks away from me. She has two adorable cats, Luna and Naomi. A mother and daughter pair actually. Naomi, the younger one is usually very shy and would hide under the armchair. During my first cat sitting session, I have only seen a part of her, as she would dash into some dark safe spot once she hears me approaching. This time round, she's more relaxed. In fact, I was even able to get close to her and stroke her. Nice!

No Beer Tonight - Quick Recce at The Great Escape

After the Spartan Training at Penhas, the rest left, while a few of us stayed back to clean up. We swept the floor, mopped away the perspiration, and then cleared the rubbish. While we could grabbed a quick bite nearby, I wanted to do a quick recce of The Great Escape as a potential event venue. We drove over to the Golden Mile Complex, got a little lost and ended up at Rex Theatre. I queried the cashier and he beckoned to us to head towards level 5. At The Projector, we tried to find the route to The Great Escape and ended up at the restroom instead lol, but soon we found ourselves at the outdoor bar.
Unfortunately, there was a company event going on, which meant that we could not have our dinner there. The outdoor area had several puddles of water formed from the heavy downpour, but all in all it sported a great indie vibe, and was helped by the vintage Volkswagen Van which was used as a drinks serving area.
We then decided to find a place to have a quick dinner. I had my early dinner prior to the training session, hence kept the guys company as they found a Heng Hwa Lor Mee place at the basement level (rare!).

Day 30 of the #30days60secCoreChallenge !!!

Finally, it is done!

The Hashtag challenge has been an interesting observation and a fascinating social experiment. About a month ago, on National Day in fact, I was tagged by Ming Hung on the #30Day60SecCoreChallenge. Ming Hung was probably inspired by the 22 Push Ups challenge, which he was already doing for a couple of week. I gamely accepted the challenge and thought that this could provide me a means to test a few things:

A. I have not really used the video camera function for my LG G5. With the onslaught of video content materialising in the likes of Instagram (videos and stories), as well as Facebook (live, video, etc.) I wanted to see if it was easy for me to take a short video and post it online.

B. I had a Youtube channel which I created many years back, but did not really use it as a repository for my video feeds. I wanted to see if it would be easy to store the videos onto Youtube and then do a cross-post onto other platforms.

C. I was reading an article about Social Proof, and wanted to see how receptive would my friends and acquaintances be with being tagged. Would they be inspired to do the Core Challenge as well? If they did, would they be game enough to post it online? If they were tagged, would that make them more receptive towards such a challenge.

Mind you - the challenge by itself was not a difficult one. It was a "60-second" challenge, which meant that all it took was just a minute to execute. The variation of exercises could be a simple series of sit ups, or even a one-minute plank. Hence, it was something easily executable by almost anybody.

Nevertheless, I discerned the following categories of respondents:

A. The Spontaneous and the Sporting. There would always be a small group who would react positively to the challenge. They would not only attempt the challenge, but create the Hashtag and also post it on their social media platform. They are enthusiastic

B. The Shy ones. This category of folks liked the idea of the challenge, and they were inspired enough to attempt the challenge in the comfort of their homes. However, they were reluctant to post any video of their attempts online, possibly because they were afraid of being judged, or causing a "wrong impression". Others were not confident if they were able to execute the challenge and hence did not want to post their attempt.

C. The Flash in the Pan. This group would oblige with the challenge and would try to do it and post it online. But after one or several postings, they would be distracted by their daily affairs and would stop posting. This group are likely the ones that make the effort (to oblige) as they were tagged or were reminded, but the act of doing the challenge was more for their friends, and not for themselves. In short, they did not put in place a challenge to themselves to complete the challenge.

D. The Can't-be-bothered. This group is likely a majority, and would have paid some attention on such a challenge, but would prefer to remain passive and not partake in the challenge. A portion of this group might eventually try the challenge if there were enough people attempting it.

E. The Cynical. The cynics would form an opinion quickly, and probably a negative view of the entire movement. Likely responses would be "they have too much time to spare", "what's this silly challenge all about". Notwithstanding, the cynics do not always stick to their notions, and with time, their opinions could evolve more positively (or negatively, for that matter).

Another fascinating discovery was that, with social media, it was possible to reach out beyond a geographical constraint. In fact, we realised there were people as far as China or even USA attempting the #30Days60SecCoreChallenge as well. This bodes well for individuals or groups who would like to initiate a movement to spread positive habits to others - you never know how far the reach could get!


Day 28 of the #30days60secCoreChallenge + Day 11 of the #wellaholicabrol...

Day 28 of the #30days60secCoreChallenge + Day 11 of the #wellaholicabroller Challenge. Two more days to go before the challenge is complete!
Here's how we do it:
1. Execute a core exercise movement for 60 sec, 30 days.
2. Video, post online, hashtag #30days60secCoreChallenge and#livethechange
3. Tag 5 friends to get them into action too.
4. Explain why we do it. (transform ourselves and one person at a time).